New Sekonic L-478D Touchscreen Light Meter

Hey Everyone! We thought we’d begin our blog by showcasing a really interesting innovation in the industry.

We’re talking about the brand new Sekonic Litemaster Pro L-478D and DR: the world’s first touch screen operated light meter that was released today, and is available at Showcase immediately.

We had some time to test the L-478D, and we’re really impressed with the ease of use. Everything is displayed in vivid color on the large 2.7” LCD screen, and can be viewed from a distance. There are two models: the 478-D and 478-DR. The difference being, the DR version adds radio triggering capabilities as in previous Sekonic meters, so that they can be used wirelessly with PocketWizard radio receivers.

The L-478D is designed for both still photographers and filmmakers, incorporating ambient light and flash readings as well as cine and HD cine readings. Also new to this model is the T-F mode, which allows the user to input both a desired shutter speed and aperture, allowing the meter to display an accurate ISO reading for proper exposure.

Another impressive feature on the L-478 is its customization options. Nearly everything is customizable, from how many metering modes you see, to the color of the screen. The new meter also incorporates profiles which allow the user to maintain specific and unique reading tweaks for a certain camera.

The memory function is retained from older Sekonic meters, and allows the user to take a reading and easily recall that reading for future use. The difference here, is that the meter remembers whether or not the lumisphere, the big white dome on top, was recessed, or in its extended position and gives a graphic display for ease of use.

The L-478D and DR also can be paired with an optional NP Finder 5 Degree viewfinder to enable spot metering.

Both the L-478D and L-478DR as well as the NP 5 Degree Finder can be found on our website at

Or, if you’re in the area, come by the store and see one for yourself!


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